NowPurchase raises USD 2.4 million led by Orios Venture Partners, InfoEdge Ventures

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Who We Are

NowPurchase is transforming the 140B$ Metal Manufacturing industry. The metal industry forms the backbone of the economy and the fundamental block of the physical world - be it transportation, construction and every machinery.

NowPurchase is building a rich, digital marketplace where Metal Manufacturers can procure high quality raw materials in a trusted manner. At the same time we are building the OS (Operating System) that will supercharge their productivity and processes to ultimately make procurement autonomous.

At NowPurchase, we look for people who are obsessed with delivering unparalleled convenience to customers. Customer centricity is a key tenet of all our processes. Hyper-productivity and creativity are what we value most. If you're talented and think you can handle the adrenaline rush we'd love to have you on board!

  1. You have a strong sense of product ownership 💪
  2. You have a business owner's mindset 💰
  3. You have a blank canvas to learn, collaborate and iterate upon. 🎨

Culture @ NowPurchase

At NowPurchase, we aspire to build an organization that our members, our employees and our investors are proud to associate themselves with. We strongly believe culture and work ethics are the two most important things a company should inculcate to grow exponentially. Expect:

  1. Relaxed atmosphere: We try & keep the atmosphere fun & enjoyable. We want creativity, productivity, and “outside box” thinking to flourish.
  2. Flexibility: We embrace change, as the saying goes, “Change is the only constant”.
  3. Open and honest communication: Here we believe in over-communication. Anything on your mind, feel free to communicate without fear of judgement - rational or irrational. We believe feedback is a strong opportunity for growth.

Are you interested to learn what life @ NowPurchase is like?

Our values will give you a flavour:

  1. Individuality : We believe every person has their own individuality posing a distinct skill and working style that contributes to the fabric of the team. We encourage you to be your unique self.
  2. One Team : We believe every success is a result of great teamwork. We have mini teams and pods inside departments that work as one unit for high performance.
  3. Giving one’s Best : We believe the key to good performance is sheer determination, hard work and sincerity - but not without making sure that you're working on something thats exciting and valued to you. we do everything to bring out that best in you. Don't believe it? Talk to our people!